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WoW – My Husband Turned 50

July 6, 2010

My DH has always loved computers and things associated with them. It used to be eBay. Then it was building computers. Then we went through a dreadful phase of him upgrading our computers – no data was safe. I lived in fear. Finally, he was introduced to this harmless little game called World of Warcraft. I am sure some of you are familiar with this darling little role-playing game. It’s harmless enough. You create a cartoon, or your “Alt”, on a massive computer server where other people from all over the world have also created a cartoon of themselves. We are talking thousands of people. Which is why it is referred to as a MASSIVE role-playing game.

He has become addicted, and he has spent hours leveling and upgrading his characters. Yes, he has more than one. It has been relatively harmless. Although he does spend many hours on the game, it could be worse. He could be out drinking with the boys. Or playing endless rounds of golf. Or working multiple hours of overtime. At least this way he is home and accessible – at least most of the time. And it has been an effective stress reliever for him. So, while he has a mild “addiction” it’s definitely the lesser of some evils.

He recently turned 50, and like a good enabler I themed his whole birthday around World of Warcraft. I mainly just put together a cake, inspired somewhat by Cake Boss (my own addiction). Not nearly as good, but I am nowhere near New Jersey to order one from him either.

Here’s the cake with a top/aerial view:

I made a red velvet cake with buttercream frosting. The “addict’s manual” is a white cake with buttercream frosting topped with yellow fondant. I used tinted buttercream and royal icing for the decorations (grass, river, plaque, etc.). The river rocks are chocolate, the scrolls are marzipan with fondant bows, and blue sprinkles give the river a sense of movement. I made the treasure chest with chocolate candy, and stuffed it with homemade strawberry-flavored rock candy, peppermint pearls, and gold chocolate coins. The Death Knight figure standing against the hill is a fondant and modeling chocolate replica of DH’s character.

Here’s a closeup of the treasure chest:

When playing the game, DH loves to drink Diet Coke and Monster. I used both of these as elements as well. In the game, there are potions for Health and Mana. These are pretty basic and almost all characters use them. I made replicas of the two drinks using rice crispy treats, carving them into the can shapes. I covered them with a thin layer of buttercream icing, then covered this with the appropriate color fondant. I cut all logos out of fondant and used royal icing to write on the cans and do detail work. The Diet Coke became Diet Health, and the Monster became Monster Mana. It all worked out rather well.

Here are pictures of the two drink potions:

It’s a start, so it’s not perfect. Most of all it was fun and my DH loved it. Oh – and it was delicious!

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