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It’s 4:00 am, I’m up, and good books rock

July 20, 2010

Today (well, technically yesterday at this point) was rather exciting. Our mailbox was demolished for about the fourth time in the last five years. I have pics and will be posting about all that tomorrow.

Most of tonight has been spent working on my two blogs – yes two. There’s this one, which is all about my domestic life. I figured out that it would be best to let this blog concentrate on my love of books, cooking, and general parenting and family life. So, all the little parts of my home will still appear on these pages. However, the part of my life that seems separated – the part of my with a fractured family – is relegated to my other blog: Fearless Stepmom. I started that one back several years ago, when I decided to blog about my experiences as a custodial stepmother. Later, it was those experiences that completely sidetracked that venture into near oblivion. Fortunately, it’s still there, and I am now organizing content between the two sites.

The best part has been all the fun I have been having. I have been searching out lovely templates, backgrounds, stock photos and other goodies. There will be changes to both, but hopefully things will be settled soon and then I can really concentrate on awesome material – such as fabulous book reviews.

I have been an avid reader as long as I can remember – which is one reason I chose to major in English Literature in college. I guess I still dream on some level of being a writer – more glamorous to me than being discovered for Hollywood. Most women would dream of being an Angelina Jolie – personally I think Diablo Cody is much more cool as far as Hollywood goes. As far as writers, I think being Kathy Reichs would be about the ultimate. Can you imagine hanging with Booth and Bones for a season?

Right now, I am reading a good book on my Kindle. It was a promotional one, offered for free recently. Let’s just say I am now a fan of Steve Martini thanks to the free promotional copy of Shadow of Power. What an excellent suspense story- the only bad part about working on my blog is that it is taking me away from finishing the book. Which would be why I am up at 4:00 am with relatively little complaint. The sun will be coming up soon, but there’s still time for me to squeeze in a few chapters after finishing this piece. That’s the beauty and magic of a good book. Sometimes it can lull you into sleep, other times it can keep you awake with no complaints at all. Magic.

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