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About Me

Hello from my Domestic Life. I am A 43-year old wife to a World of Warcraft addicted husband (he does occasionally come up for air and a meal, as well as work, for which I am eternally grateful). I am also a mother (most happily) to my four year old dear daughter (known affectionately as “Chick”). My other role is custodial stepmother to three beautiful children, a challenging but mostly fulfilling role. I have two older stepchildren – a recent high school graduate that has chosen to take the world on single-handed and a 22 year old young lady from my husband’s first marriage. She’s married and has two babies of her own. We don’t see her very often, something I don’t mourn very often.

I love to read, cook, organize things, read, write, scrapbook, dabble in photography and Photoshop, play on my computer (yes, I also have WoW characters), among other things as I find the time. Oh, did I mention how much I love to read? I am always looking for a good bargain and a better, faster, more efficient way to do things – since I need to free up time for my daughter, my books, and my computer.

I look forward to writing about my life and getting your input. Now that you know About Me, how about telling me a little about YOU?

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